Long time no see, i tot u...

Waahhhh... I miss this blog.

I saw some of us already start to scribble something here so since my uncle went out I planned to take some time to scribble something here too. How's life everybody? I've just finished calculating the material for one project, err.. it's the QS work.

Yeah, doing some QS work, getting used to it already and this work seem quite easy to do which I can get roughly Rm1500 for a building in 3-4 days (see how fast you can do it). Currently doing the 3rd one. Trying to find a time to update my blog and step into this blog. Anyway, I've to divide my time into two, morning doing QS, afternoon till evening doing some structural designs. Huhu~ I can feel my blood pressure increases day by day. But still quite a precious experience when moving from the contractor's side to the consultant's side, can learn a lot. One thing very obvious when I moved for the contractor's side to the consultant's side is...I'm getting fairer. Wakaka...

Got someone already married meh?


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