update for everyone

hye everyone. Actually, baa blog has never been updated since our last convocation. So, I take this opportunity to post something in the blog. Ive already requested lewis to update it, but he looks more committed to his internship.

Updated about members of the blogs:-

Hanizar - currently at Doha, as executive engineer for sime darby
Leny - went to work at Tg. Pelepas
Dayah - change to International Consultant named Meihardt
Poji - Oil and gas company if im not mistaken

the rest still continue working at their training place or new place and this blog has never been informed.

This is the update that I can shared with everyone. And to all our En. Mad has further his study at Salford Uk.

That's all, chow.


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hallo_poji said...

update ckit
aku kerja kat swk jer....
dapat kontraktor.. keje kat cbu tpt amat jadi site eng

November 26, 2008 at 11:36 AM

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