My Unforgettable Classmates BAA Sec 3 Part 2

Dayang Norhafizah

We called her Pja. A very soft spoken type of lady. I realized that she already know how to make jokes with us after these 3 years together. She came to our BAA Sec1 a little late in the 1st semester and realized that lots of the boys from my classmates keep on staring at her. Haha... Well, she's a very lady-type of person, who doesn't want her??? :) Haha... Let's me reveal the secrets...

After a couple of days she arrived, Pendi called and talked to her. Pja told me something before but I almost forget everything she told me. Haha... Pja rejected him??? Hmmm... Few days before I left UMP, Mudin told me that he likes Pja. :) Haha... Wow...Pja, you really got a very strong attraction huh? Haha... Why laaa these guys didn't go to her and expressed their feeling themselves to her. Hmm...

She's very close to Kong
(Momok). Me and Kong already make friend with her since we are in matriculation college. Sometimes you can see Kong and Pja sitting together at the cafe having either lunch or dinner, mostly dinner. Then, lots of curiosities came because of this, some of the boys asked me what happen to both of them??? Huh??? :) They...are just friends. Happy now? U know what... Pja always say that Kong is her BF. Haha!!! Jealous lehhh...

If you want to listen to a pure BM Sabah, talk to her!


Call her Sue or Ina. Meaning, if u shout her name loudly either Sue or Ina, she will turn to u. Huh? (What am I talking about???)

She got a very nice 'lesung pipi' which attracts Mudin. Haha! Well, she's a very happy go lucky girl and she was one of the two (another one is Haidar) whom I tried to safe from drowning. Errr... Did you know the story? Alright, for those who didnt know about the story let me tell u. I forgot when this incident happen but it happened in Panching Waterfall where all of us, classmates organized a picnic in the evening. We went for a swim of course. Me and my friends were enjoying the waterfall flowed down from the top and these two girl suddenly planned to go to the strong flowing current waterfall. These two girls might didn't know how to swim. Then, me and Poji (acting like lifeguards) watched those two 'naughty' girls coming towards us (both me and Poji were relaxing under the huge rock - the water flows on the top of it). We knew that there's a part where our legs already can't touch the bottom. Suddenly both of the girl got panic and hitt the water like a half dead fish hoping for the prey to release them. Immediately acting like a hero I swam towards them and planned to rescue both of them but... Haha!!! Failed. At first I planned to pulled errr... one of them to the bank and go for the other one but 'the other one' pulled me DOWN TO THE WATER!!! Each arms for different girls! Dead laa...

I only weight 46kg at that time, but two 40+++kg human beings pulled me down to the water. For sure, DEAD laa.... I tried to shout "Put ur d*** hands off from my arms" but I can't coz... T.T (I'm already in the water and can expect the bubbles floating out from my mouth to the surface). And I can see myself hitting the water like a HALF DEAD FISH too.... Damn it! Luckily there's a fast reacting Pakcik quickly pulled Ina off from my arms, Poji pulled Haidar, both to the bank and left me swimming slowly and weakly to the bank. Phewww..... After a few weeks later, the headline of our E-comm stated that there's a student from our University drown at the same waterfall, he's from Software Engineering Faculty. I don't want to see the faces of three of us there!
~Someting's pulling us DOWNNNN!!!!~

Thanks God!

~ Both Suhaina and Pja forced me to pose a cute posing for a photo. (They forced me to put my finger near my lips, Adehhh!!! Sakit! Sakit!) Click HERE.~


She was the most active person in our class. Joining MPP and became a Facilitator for MINDS. What's so special about holding a high position in a organization? Need an answer for that? Ask her yourself!

Like what I said earlier that she is a very activ person, taking parts in many activities, I can I say? She's definitely a very tough girl, the toughest girl I ever met in my life. Actively parcipate in any discussion and you and if you are in the same group with her you will definitely feel the heat of challenging other team or beating other team as she is always there to give encourage and making sure that everything is going fine and smoothly conducted. She plans. Yeah, even an small matter or a small project she will make a work schedule. How is it to be her roommate??? 'Psycho' her own roommates too...??? She's a brilliant girl too. Hopefully she will become a successful engineer... NO! A successful MANAGER!

I tried to SAVE this girl too...

(Adakah patut tolak saya masuk dalam air? Ish, ish, isshhhh....)


We call her Kak Wa coz she is the eldest of all of us (Don't count Tan and Mak). When you talk to her, she will 'Hang, Hang..' with you... Haha!!!
She the girl whom my ex-roommate Ijat (that big guy) always ask about. Ada secret admire! You will see her determination of being a big sister when you are in the same group discussion with her. She looks so quiet everytime but really don't know how will she going to be when the boys are not around. Hmmm... Curious, curious...


We call her Dayah. Well, since the 1st semester I've heard lots of rumours telling me that lots of the boys like her. Hmm... Alright, i think she got the sweettest and the most attractive smile among all the girls in the class. She's very hardworking, if you ask her to complete a task and give it to you tomorrow even the task is very2 hard, she will complete it for u. What can I say, she very smart and brilliant girl. If I'm not mistaken, she got an award during the PERKASA Annual Dinner.

~Alright 5 girls completed and Suhaina got the longest one. Poji will do the next...~


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