My Unforgettable Classmates BAA Sec 3 Part 1

~Sorry for the late update but I'll definitely make this post the most unforgettable post for my classmates, BAA Sec 3 of Universiti Malaysia Pahang. I love you guys (I'm Not A Gay, k!)~

I wish to express my gratitude for the 'unforgettable' moment in my life to my classmates (Those from BAA Sec 3). So, I'll give comments and talk about everyone of you. My best friends, I will never forget you.

Me in the middle, hehe...

Let's start with my housemates D24...

Abang Mohd. Fauzi (Poji)

He is my roommate for this final year He is a very nice person, a very quiet type of person, control cool, can sometimes make jokes till you drop! Sometimes can be gay-ish (Faliq always become his victim, sometimes he is Faliq's victim. Arghh... Both the same lah!). He can psycho people when the exam is around the corner, by studying last minutes and get a good result. Damn laaa.... He is the supplier for Prison Break, Heroes supplier , Asian dramas and movies and bla, bla, bla...and everybody will look for him if they need something to watch during free time. He spoke BM S'wak with me but I answered back in BM baku. Once he had long hairs during the early semester but cut them short after few weeks (Fadli yg buat hal.). He likes to plan, plan for trips or class gathering during the holiday.

He is our BAA's 1st team Goalkeeper (Trying to beat Petr Cech but look like he still have a long way to go... Haha! Anyway, he is good at that position!) Dislike sleeping on the bed. (I mean he prefers sleep on the floor - with mattress laa..) Always help Mok to buy mash potato and become his driver.

Mohd. Mokzaini Mokhtar

Haha... (Don't know why I laughed...). He was so skinny in the 1st semester. Don't know why suddenly in the 2nd semester or 3rd, he became 'bigger'. Well, he is very proud of his own 'tummy' as sometimes he will grab is tummy and shake it. Haha!!! And also whenever we asked whether he wants to go to eat, he will show his tummy ~ meaning... He is already full. He brought a Kembara at first to the campus, then Honda City...Chevrolet and the last was Kelisa. (Wish to see him owning a BMW and Porche. Mok, let me know if you already own a Porche. Want to borrow to go to Gambang there to have a breakfast at Restoran Keluarga. Hehe!) Always loitering around & jamming together with Encik A. Tarmizi. Beliau really control Mok kao kao... Pity him. He is a very smart, kind and helpful person. Can sleep for 16-20 hours a day. Don't wanna believe??? Well, it's true! I accidentally broke his car's plate number few days before he went back home. (Haha!!! Sorry my friend!) He owned a 'Winnie the Pooh!!!' doll which he always hug while sleeping. Sooo cute! Hahaha!

Before he went back home, that night he made me busy by asking for my help to check his thesis format. Haha...he did that at the last minute coz all the while 'we' kept on playing DOTA!
~ Next time in future when you see a person or a manager in a consultant playing DOTA, that's him ~ Mokzaini!!! (We played DOTA the whole semester, Mok improved so fast...) God, God...


He's my roommate for 2 semesters and housemate for 1 semester. He is actually a very helpful person and full of business minded. He is also a very understanding type of person. I mean he really understand people's problem and really care about his friends. I still remember in the 1st semester he sold nasi lemak from rooms to rooms. Well, he'll do anything to earn money...

The last photo I took together with bob.
It was the night before I left UMP the next morning.

Mak Yip Hon

Alright, I'm not going to writing anything about this guy. Otherwise all bad things you going to read. Anyway, I always borrow his bicycle pump. Thanx! Shhh... He is Mok's roommate!!!

Mohd. Faliq Ahim

Well, he is a very nice guy and crazy. Crazy??? Haha!!! He is a person you really like to mix with because he is a very friendly and errr...'crazy, crazy' Haha!!! Sometimes play gay-gay with Poji. Aiyerr... Once, shared 'movie best'. Haha!!! Damn it! Also hanging out and jamming with Mok and Encik Mat too. Also very understanding and caring type of person like Bob. Always bring his small handkerchief with him while sleeping - covering his mouth and neck. Sometimes we like to talk some dirty topic... Hahaha!!! (Usually Faliq starts it 1st.) Haha!!!

~ Part 2 will be coming (kambing) soon...~


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