A New Look

Hi Guys!

I've changed its template coz I realized that it looks like my own blog. Haha! So, I think it's better for me to change its look. Well, I will try to put more stuffs on this blog but it will gonna take a long time. However, don't worry coz I will make these changes whenever I got free times. Well, actually I got a lot! Hehe... So, I will try my best to do these changes/new look A.S.A.P. so that it won't be so boring and dull.

Please don't be disappointed because of our class picture which already turned into that small. You still can download them (large version) when I've already upload them.

*Please drop down your phone number or blog (if got any) at the chatbox. Thanx!
*All of you will be given a permission to publish your own post here if you like to write something here. So, please drop down your email address if you want to contribute. Thanx!



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